Round 12: Whatever Normal Looks Like

In Episode 12, The End.

The Fight is an audio diary in podcast form, designed to tell the story of a special little girl embroiled in a struggle against an incurable disease. Told from her father’s voice, The ongoing narrative is a raw and painfully real look into the worst moments in this family’s life.

2 thoughts on “Round 12: Whatever Normal Looks Like”

  1. This has touched us all so deep. You have done a fantastic job telling Madison’s story. Thank you for doing this podcast. My heart breaks thinking about how this disease can turn out, but knowing you and Kristen are fighting this fight with Madison makes me feel so much better. She is such a sensitive and loving little girl. As her grandmother I pray for her and ask God every night to guide her doctors and researchers to help them find a cure and a treatment for this disease. She is such a joy to be with. I want you to know that I am here for you all every step of the way! Love you all!

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